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 GSM intends to achieve sustainable future of Japanese indigenous cyanobacteria or blue green algae, Suizenji nori (scientific name. Aphanothece Sacrum) by enhancing mass-cultivation of this precious cyanobacteria which can be used in a broad range of applications apart from being used as an edible seaweed. Several excellent studies at universities continue to discover novel applications of suizenji nori.


 At GSM, we have established a stable supply system of very high quality product “SACRAN” a polysaccharide extracted from sizenji nori and commercialized. In order to make a balance between ‘demand and supply’, we also established a cultivation plant/site where mass cultivation of suizenji nori is performed using technology and reduced cost. In a way, we are protecting JAPANESE indigenous cyanobacteria against extinction.


 Newly discovered SACRAN is a safe biomaterial and is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biomedical fields because of its unique properties and potential.

Green Science Materials, Inc. focuses on sustainable supply of SACRAN.

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